A Dedicated Gamer Network     That frees its creators!

Welcome to one of the largest gaming communities on YouTube! Established in early 2012, NecessaryGaming has signed over 1,000 partners to its network. Here are just some of the features our partners have grown to love:

  • No lock-in contracts!
  • Instant monetization on ALL videos!
  • Custom designed thumbnails!
  • 1080p livestreaming!
  • Scheduled uploading!
  • Full-featured dashboard!
  • 24/7 partner support!
  • 8,000 member-strong community!

Our network provides one of the most innovative platforms available to creators on YouTube!

The reason we started a network of our own was because we saw how the current top networks on YouTube weren't building anything exciting. Where's the innovation?

"Necessity breeds innovation!"

And thus, NecessaryGaming was born!

No lock-in contracts!

Why be stuck with a network that you don’t enjoy?

Give us a try, leave whenever you feel like it!


We don't hide anything from our partners.

Receive weekly network updates directly from our staff on our forums and review all of your channel analytics through our dashboard!

Earn more!

We offer revenue shares up to 110%!

How? We offer ‘Freedom Points’ as rewards for taking part in our community forums and events!

Power up!

Partnering with the network and becoming a part of this community helps super-charge your potential towards success as a YouTuber.

Coming Soon!

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